Duramax Sealant Fix Glue - 70%OFF!

Duramax Sealant Fix Glue - 70%OFF!

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Duramax All Purpose  Sealant Fix Glue is a permanently flexible, waterproof sealant for use on galvanized Iron, metal roofing, aluminum, steel, glass, porcelain, cardboard, most plastics and painted surfaces.

Six advantages :

  1. more sticky
  2. no nails more secure
  3. high strength
  4. quick-drying glue
  5. free noise
  6. environmentally friendly and harmless

How to Use :

1 Please, clean surface before use, cannot exist any oil water stains, dust or something dirty,

2 Squeezing glue out, and suggest use it from middle to outwear, avoid bubbles,

3 Please wait 5 minutes to be Located, 20 minutes can be moving and 30 minutes solidifying completed,

4 Different temperature and Sticky surface decide the different solidifying time, from 30 minutes to 12 hours.


Frosted Glass, Marble, Lacquer Wood, Smooth Metal Plate, Ceramic Tile, Mosaics.

Best Couple use With Invisible Wall Mount.

Package includes : 

1 PC X  Sealant Fix Glue.