The 100’s Pencil (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE)

The 100’s Pencil (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE)

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When it comes to wooden pencils, many people will often face broken pencil or tip breaks, blunt tip, constant sharpening creating a mess, and ended up with stained hands and dirty the surrounding. The cons of using a traditional wooden pencil can consist of the below:

Limited lifespan - As you continue to sharpen a wooden pencil, it gets closer to the end of its life. You will eventually have to throw it away.

Fragility- Wooden pencils are easy to break, especially the lead tip once dropped or write too hard. The body can warp due to temperature or extended use.

Auxiliaries- Keeping a few spare pencils is normal and this creates a bulky pencil case. To keep the wooden pencil sharp, you must keep a small hand-sharpening device or an electric pencil sharpener. Either way, it is necessary to have a sharpener available to continue using wooden pencils.




Thanks to 100’s Pencil, today’s handwriting uses a compressed writing tool nib that makes writing easier. This is the future tool that will replace ink and lead for handwriting. The 100’s Pencil is a quick fix for these common handwriting problems. The latest high-tech innovation mess-free writing/drawing pencil, inkless and leadless thus creates no dirty hands, the tip is sturdy and not easy to break, fashionable and 'Tree-friendly'. It can write approximately 500,000 words continuously that need no sharpening  (equivalent to a hundred pieces of the pencil), the tip can be replaced once depleted if required. Convenient and practical, and beautiful. Get yourself one and that will be the last writing instrument you will ever need.

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  • No need to sharpen Pencil - The durable tip is difficult to break, allows anyone to use it at convenience, with no worries of dropping or writing with it hardly. It is especially good for kids to practice their writing without the frustration of breaking the tip or using ink that is likely to stain and cannot be erased. Not easy to finish writing tips, just one pencil can use it for many years. Replaceable tip for refills if needed.


  • Durable and Everlasting - Replaces 100 wooden pencils. No wood consumption (Tree-Friendly). Extremely durable. Takes many years of writing to change refill.



  • No residue – No worries that the writing can create a stained hand as it leaves no residue against a lead pencil.



  • How it works - The tip of the pencil friction on the paper to decompose the special alloy metal molecules and leave them on the surface of the paper. A good material without residue. No mess and dirty hands when writing, no lead ashes! The tip is graded HB sturdy and durable, 0.5mm nib, writing/drawing smoothly, and is slightly lighter than a #2.



  • Ergonomic - Contour at the holding section, provide a comfortable and firmer grip during writing that prevents slippage.



  • Erasable - Wrong spelling or words can be easily erased  by an eraser. No traces leftAn eraser is included and can be kept inside the body.



  • Application - JOURNALING/WRITING; works great for journaling, note-taking, and writing since it never needs to be sharpened and is erasable if needed. DRAWING; allows artists to use the point for fine lines and the side of the tip for shading. GREAT GIFT; this 100’s Pencil is an amazing present for kids, teens to adults to write, draw, and make art crafts. No need to sharpen or change refills. Safe, durable, non-messy, give clean and neat writing, and everlasting.


Package Include

2x Pencil 

3x Extra Nib Refill For The 100’s Pencil